Zingo 1-2-3!

We had purchased the original Zingo, which teaches word recognition for Emily last Christmas and it has been a great game to play, now that she gets the basic rules and has learned to identify things quickly. My husband is highly competitive, even against a five-year-old, so Zingo in our house is fast-paced and exciting.

As I was assembling ideas for possible Christmas presents, I hit Amazon.com for some ideas and found Zingo 1-2-3.

With Emily’s continuing struggle to identify number ten through twelve, and the need to practice those addition skills later, it looked like a fun game that would also be a great learning tool.

We played it for the first time a couple of days after Christmas and it is as fun, if not more fun (or simply more challenging, which makes it more fun for Dave and I) than the original Zingo.

We played game after game after game.

The green side of the cards are simply number identification – match the tiles which have the number printed on them, with the spot on the card, which has the the number written out in word form and in number of objects. I was pleased to see that Emily was relying, at least somewhat, on the written words (nine, for example) and this made me realize that she is reading in a limited fashion (mainly identifying beginning sounds to words and using those to help her guess what the written word is).

The red side of the card contains no written hints and shows groups of objects combined with a plus sign (for example four flowers + four flowers). So you have to quickly count the totals in your head. Towards the end, Dave and I switched to the red cards to make it more fair for Emily. She stayed on the green card and it was still a struggle, but one that she seemed to enjoy.

I really enjoyed playing the game, just the three of us. It was a lot of fun and no one got upset. I think it had just the right amount of challenge for my little girl – and she definitely was willing to rise to the occasion. I think this game will definitely help her recognize and memorize those ten through twelve numbers, and in very little time. Then we will be on to really getting down the spellings of the words – and eventually the basic addition.

It really is great to see her working hard and having fun at the same time!

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2 Responses to Zingo 1-2-3!

  1. Unfortunately my comment to you got eaten. I suggested you play a lot of card games, particularly WAR – you don’t have to call it that – where the highest card wins. It’s free and you don’t have to shop.

    Also Dienes materials if you are interested in a wonderul way for higher level math fun. Zoltan Dienes.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thrilled to see ThinkFun’s Zingo! 1-2-3 game featured here! I was involved in the testing of this game and am so glad you’ve recognized and appreciate the importance of the scaffolding that the 2-sided cards provide… from early counting to recognizing arrays to addition, this game really does support early number sense at a range of different levels!

    Another great one to check out – MathDice Jr.! The perfect introduction to early addition and subtraction that prepares kids for MathDice later on.