Zentangle…or An Approximation Thereof


I found this new, cool art as therapy kind of activity. It’s referred to as Zentangle, but I’m not a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) nor do I play one on tv.

This is fun, though. REAL fun. And I’m hoping to get Emily involved in it soon as well.

Art can be…challenging for me and especially for Emily. She was young, perhaps two, when I first noticed her reluctance to draw or create crafts. She would do it after a while, but you really had to work on convincing her to try. She definitely has that perfectionist gene.


I can’t remember where I had found the term Zentangle and then finally tracked down a couple of books on the subject. It sounded esoteric and confusing, until I read the books and thought, “Heck, I’ll give this a try.”


I grabbed a ultra-fine pen (not a Micron as they insist you must have) and some square yellow paper (smaller than the recommended 4″ special Zentangle paper they also strongly suggest) and got to work trying it.

I’m a rule-breaker by habit. Why should my attempt at Zentangle be any different?!


I will admit, it was fun and easy. In some ways, it is just a more organized way of doodling…



And in other ways it is truly a work of art. But I had to agree with the books’ promises – you do feel calm and centered while doing it. It helped me focus, relax, and enjoy the process – all at the same time.

I’m hoping I can encourage Emily to work on this with me. The books’ illustrations had me dreaming of finding some nice thick cardstock, perhaps in a more rectangular shape, and decorating one side, then writing a letter to my eldest on the reverse.

Keep an eye out for that Dee, I owe you a letter in any case!

You can color the patterns in, and employ shading. Suffice it to say, I have a lot to learn about the art. But it looks to be fun and easy learning, which is the kind of learning I prefer! You can also go to this site and sign up for the Tangle of the Day.

Honestly though, these two books are great. I highly recommend them! Click on the titles below – it will take you directly to Amazon, won’t cost you a dime extra, and I make a small commission on the sale…


I also found these books that look VERY interesting…

And the best yet? Zentangle for Kids (I have this on order!)…

p.s. Here’s one more Zentangle under my belt. I’m really enjoying these!


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