You Special, Now I Special Too!

Potty training with Emily, as with my big grown-up Dee-bird, has been a dream. So easy! Two weeks and P.E. is the champ. She even awoke me last night (at 1am thank you very much) to insist on peeing in her potty instead of her little Pull-Ups that she wears at night.

But the compliment from the other day really made me smile…

We were in the bathroom together, each on our appropriately-sized thrones and Emily sez, “Mama! Are you going potty too? You are SO GOOD at that!”

I figure it’s been about 37 years since someone said that to me.

But you know what? It still felt good to hear it!

So congrats everyone who is reading this…like Emily said, “You are SO GOOD at that!”

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