‘Yo Daddy!

Having the hubs home for the past month has been quite nice. Not only have a number of items been ticked off of the “Honey Do” list, but Dave has stepped forward and volunteered to homeschool the Em. And in doing so, he has applied his own unique approach to it.

Em seems to be enjoying the time spent with her dad and they are tearing through the curriculum, which is normally juggled by me between cleaning gigs, prepping for classes, errands, household duties, and homeschool classes outside of the home.

I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Suffice it to say, I’m getting a lot of other work done!

Monday I spent going through my file cabinet in my office and shredding three full trash bags full of unneeded paperwork.

Tuesday I spent prepping for my Easy Cheese Making class, baking bread, making soup, and writing blog posts.

Today I am working on advance prep for upcoming classes, writing this blog post, and hopefully, if things go well, tackling another round of edits on Book #5. I’ve also had inspiration strike on my cookbook idea and I’m taking notes. I’ve already completed my assigned section of house (the upstairs bathroom and hall) for the day.

Right now, Em and her dad are busy reading Life of Fred for her math studies, along with A History of Us and some geography facts. Later she will practice her cello for 30 minutes. The cream on top, however, are the spelling tests.

Em has really resisted practicing her spelling. At first, she was discouraged by her poor printing abilities (no, we haven’t tackled cursive yet, but we will) and then the sheer number of misspelled words brought her down further. I hate seeing that sad face, but I also know how important it is to be adept at spelling and grammar. She is already well-spoken for her age, with a large vocabulary, she just needs to bring the writing up to speed!

The first week or two of resuming homeschool after a two week break for the holidays was rather traumatic and filled with tears. One of the weeks, on the first round of spelling, she managed one right out of sixteen. I had attempted to have her review the words in advance, but she resisted, so I let her try and fail on her own. Dave took a different tack, and insisted, and she resisted, there were tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Finally she did what he asked.

Voila! This week showed the positive results of reviewing the list first. Em managed to get fifteen out of sixteen right on the first day of the test!

I won’t go as far as to say that she is now excited about taking a spelling test, but she is at least more motivated to review the words first. Eventually I hope to win her over. I, for one, love spelling.

It is fascinating to watch them work together and I’m proud of how well they are both doing. Hooray for homeschooling dads!

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