Working While Homeschooling

My family is well versed with the need for two incomes and this article is one of several I have seen recently.

If your family can make it on one income while your spouse works a full-time job and you homeschool, then that is awesome for you.

However, there isn’t just the economic need, but often the personal/professional need for a two-income family.

Take our family for example. We need a full-time worker (my husband, since he can make double my work force income) and at least 1,000 more per month. So I clean toilets and teach classes. I would love to stop cleaning houses, but that isn’t a possibility right now. Meanwhile, teaching classes is fun and challenging, and it pays decently.

I also write, but to date, that pays me the equivalent of a latte at Starbucks (I prefer Scooters anyway), if that, each month. I dream of writing full-time and making a living that way, while still homeschooling, but these things take time, patience, and plenty more hours honing my craft and learning how to market myself better.

A friend on Facebook is a nurse, as is her husband. They homeschool and work alternating shifts in order to cover child care and homeschooling. Another friend homeschools while co-parenting with her ex. Many others operate small businesses out of their homes, and my dear friend Kerrie proofreads and self-publishes while running her kids through homeschool co-ops and more.

The face of homeschooling is not static – and neither are we!

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