When They Discipline Themselves

I was pulling weeds on Sunday when Dave came out and announced, “Well, Emily is in her room. She put herself in there.”

He went on to explain that Emily had slapped him on the face when he didn’t give her a snack of dry cereal. Now that sounds really bad until you consider two things:

  • Emily and Dave often tease each other and play rather rough
  • Dave has been showing Emily martial arts moves – and when she strikes out at him, is always able to block her

This time, however, she apparently caught him by surprise. He stared at her, she stared at him, gaping in surprise. And then she quietly said, “I’m going to go in my room now. I don’t think I should keep watching the movie I had playing either, can you please turn it off?”

He turned off her movie, came out and updated me, and then returned to talk to her. She was disconsolate, sitting inside her room, her face red and streaked with tears. They talked and worked everything out. She had slapped at his face fully expecting him to block her. That she actually hit him was quite a shock to both of them.

I got to sit on the sidelines for all of this – and watch Dave parent and Emily parent herself – it was intriguing and actually rather sweet. It reminded me that my daughter has a good heart and recognizes what is not okay in our house.

Meanwhile on the homeschooling front – I’ve been working on a low-key reading adventure with Emily. I write different messages on the blackboard – using Dolch sight words and other words that are easy to sound out…

I try to come up with something funny, or thought-provoking, and point it out to her each day.

I’m hoping it will help move her reading forward.

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