Well…She Made Me Laugh…

Emily has been attending homeschool p.e. at the local community center for several months now. Attendance has waned during the summer months, and the last two classes have only included one other child, a boy a year or so older than Emily.

The last time I picked up Emily, the instructor said, “Well, hopefully the next time we meet more people will be signed up now that the school year has begun.” He looked over at Emily and said, “I’m afraid [boy’s name] is not very interested in playing the games that Emily is interested in.”

I’m not much of a sports type – and I was in a hurry to get home and start dinner – so I didn’t think to ask what games Emily was interested in playing. They had the mats out and I figured it must be some kind of tumbling or tag, and honestly I didn’t think much past that.

Until this past Wednesday. As we ate lunch and discussed the afternoon, I reminded Emily that she had Homeschool P.E. “Oh goody, more kids will be there! Maybe some of them will want to play the games I like to play!” she said excitedly.

And so, of course I asked, “So what games do you like to play?”

Her eyes lit up, “Oh well, I like to play that the teacher is a bad man and wants to kill us all.”

My jaw just dropped. “What?! Oh my God!” I started laughing, horrified and amused all at once.

She eyed me defensively, “What? What’s wrong with that?”

I couldn’t even explain, I just shook my head. After a moment I asked, “So…what other games do you like to play?”

“Oh, I like to pretend the balls are babies and the teacher is a bad man trying to capture them.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. I still can’t. The poor instructor, he must wonder if we are all unhinged, or if it is just her.

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