Voluntary Reading – A New Development


I will admit it, I have been on tenterhooks for years waiting for the reading to develop, encouraging, gently prodding at times, and holding myself back from trying to shove a love of the written word down my kid’s throat.

Yeah, that last bit never works.


Well, it does, but then you end up with folks who HATE and I do mean HATE to read.

I guess you could say that at times it felt as if it would be a choice between illiteracy and hating reading – and I figured the first one could be fixed better than the latter.


However, things are progressing well. Each night we read, during the day she often helps me by reading while navigating to new pools and new places. And as she feels more and more comfortable with the act of reading, the willingness to continue, to challenge herself to learn more and more words, continues to grow.

This morning, my daughter walked into my office with her birthday dog under her arm.

1-PE with glasses

No, not a real dog. A stuffed one she received at her first birthday that we wrote messages on.

“Mama, I think that Dan and Kurt gave me this birthday dog.”

“Why is that, sweetie?”


“Well, here it says K-U-R-T, and that spells Kurt.” She said, pointing to his name written on the dog. “And here is Dan’s name too.”

I told her that I had bought the dog for her first birthday party and everyone had signed it. She nodded, and then pointed to one of the messages, “I read the first part of this, but does this word say ‘great’?”

“Yes, sweetie, it does. Very good!”

Voluntary reading – it is a new development and very, VERY exciting. I am crossing my fingers that her curiosity will continue to grow and expand and that she WILL develop a deep love of reading.




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