Vintage Christmas

I just spent $117 on toys for the princess. I sure hope she likes them.

They are used, but she’s too young to notice such things.

I bought them more for me…hmmm…that might be a problem.

Do you ever buy something for your kids that is really all for you? I mean, I’m not going to play with the toys. Most likely not, at least. It is the memory of the fun that I had with with them that helped me keep clicking the ‘confirm bid’ button as the seconds on the auction ticked down.

And in a week or so, my daughter will be the proud future owner of a vintage Fisher-Price Little People farm (with people, animals and tractor), a wind-up ferris wheel with fully wooden Little People (OMG!!!), and a school bus and mini bus filled with Little People.

I have many memories of playing with my Little People. I was never lucky enough to have the barn, or the schoolhouse, but I did have the house, the parking garage, jet and…wait for it…YACHT.

Oh yes, I had the yacht. I mentioned this to my husband and he looked instantly envious. His mouth turned down, “I never had the yacht,” he said, I think he was seriously considering turning his parents in for neglect.

Should I even mention that I saw my yacht on eBay as well? For only $145.70 you too can have a vintage yacht, still in the box. I seriously considered it, looked at my current purchases and frighteningly low bank balance and figured if I did there might be divorce in my future. Perhaps I’ll find one out of the box and it might be had for a better price.

It goes without saying that there will be NO purchases of the new Fisher Price people EVER in this house. To me they look cartoony and wrong. I like the simple clean lines of the old Little People. Never mind that they have no hands and are nearly shapeless. It is the memory of my hands holding them, placing them in their cars, flying around in the jet, and making the elevator go up and down on the parking garage.

Those were beautiful, simple, happy hours. I would play in the water with my yacht until the water had long lost its warmth.

So while I’ll say that I bought these toys for my daughter, and while she will get to play with them (I can only hope she loves them as much as I), I bought them for me. Long after she is grown I will keep them. For the next generation and a reminder that our memories are always with us, even 35 years later.

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