Unschooling Geography

On Tuesday several opportunities for geography exploration came up. Emily repeated the phrase, “to sail the seven seas,” and I asked her if she knew what that meant. She indicated that she did not, and upon returning home I turned to Wikipedia and the globe for help.

Check out the Wikipedia article here.

It turns out that the modern definition of “the seven seas” is: North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, the Arctic Sea and the Southern Ocean.

Over the ages, there have been other definitions…usually dependent upon man’s knowledge of the their little corner of the world.

We had also been listening to one of the Classical Kids CDs I had just picked up from the library…Tchaikovsky Visits America. I had no idea that Beethoven Lives Upstairs had other companion CDs that tell stories while playing excerpts of classical music. But sure enough, it did, and I found it at my favorite Mid-Continent library!

A fictional story, it weaves in elements of historical fact into the adventure. Tchaikovsky is from Russia (I’d like to say I knew that already, but I didn’t) and so I took the opportunity to point out Russia on the globe later in the day to Emily.

This led to discussions about the continents, comparisons in country sizes and her pointing to different countries and asking their names.

“See Italy here?” I said, pointing to the country, “I think it looks like a boot. Here is the heel, and the toe, and the leg would go here.”

Emily grinned and traced the outline of the country. “It does look like a boot!”

Our exploration of the globe ended with her dancing out of the room – dreaming of visiting all of the countries we had looked at. I wonder if I will ever get a chance to see those distant places. I hope I will. And I certainly hope she will.

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