Unschooling for Monday, October 20th


I have really been looking forward to this week. I am feeling more and more confident with my latest approach to unschooling the kiddo – by trying to hone in on it first thing in the morning and by offering a handful of choices. Each day is different – partially due to our different co-op commitments, day-to-day errands that need doing, as well as my cleaning biz schedule.

I’m finally back in a regular pattern after throwing my back out, and I average anywhere between 1-3 cleanings per week. I realized that, although my inclination is to go to a cleaning first, then try working in some unschool – Emily and I both do better if we tackle the schooling/learning in the morning. So I’m trying that schedule out this week.

Today was lovely. Em slept until I woke her up at 9:45, which allowed me to get some writing/marketing time in. She dressed while I read to her a Hawaiian folk tale (we are studying Hawaii per her request) and then during breakfast I wrote down the answers to Q&a A Day. We curled up on the sofa and paged through a book Scientific Experiments in the Home looking for ideas for next semester’s co-op with KC-Circle.

I’ll be proposing two classes for next semester’s co-op: Lava Lamps and Rainbow Milk in one session, and pH Indicator and Quicksand in another session. It should be fun. In addition, Emily was very interested in a few other experiments, so we will be scheduling the following into our daily learning activities in the next couple of months…

Grow a Stalactite
Salt Crystals
Rock Candy

After we finished identifying those upcoming science activities, we headed back upstairs for two chapters from Life of Fred (She really likes the book and continues to be interested in it. She asked for the second chapter!) . Then we moved on to another installment from Story of the World where I read to her a North American tale of why rabbits are so shy. She seemed to really enjoy it.

After that I read from another book on Hawaii, this covered the volcanoes – Mauna Loa and Kilauea – and the national park that includes said volcanoes.

After we had finished with all of this it was time to go eat lunch and then leave for the cleaning. As we sat at the table, she grabbed this little witch hat and happily slurped down some ramen noodles. It made me smile and think about how much I like spending time with my child. She is so fun, happy, and just a great person to be around. I love that I am able to give this time to her, to spend our days together, and I know that this kind of laidback learning couldn’t occur in an institutional setting.

I am grateful that we have found a way to homeschool, for me to work, and for our little family to spend so much time together. I know that we are all better for it.


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