Unschooling for 8-26-14 through 8-28-14

Unschooling for 8-26-14

Yesterday (8/26) is a busy day despite not having to do “work work” (read that cleaning houses or teaching classes).

The night before we practiced reading (Emily read to her dad) and I read to her more from The Family Under the Bridge. I mention this because I posted the unschooling notes for Monday before those two things occurred.

Yesterday, we had an interview first thing. Emily was right by my side and although it wasn’t a specific homeschool lesson, she got to watch how an interview is conducted first-hand, so that’s got to count for something!

After lunch we sat down and read from Story of the World. This particular passage was on the Olympic games, more specifically the beginning of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. We then drew pictures illustrating what we had learned. I liked Emily’s, she drew hers from an aerial perspective.

Getting to see how an interview was conducted by a journalist, she then got to witness an interview conducted by me for the book I’m writing. I was meeting with a gentleman from Land Bank and asking him questions on how folks qualify, the approval process, and more.

In the evening there was more reading practice and I made a note to myself to practice reading numbers with her on the blackboard. She still mixes up 21 and 12, 14 and 41, and so on.

Today we are juggling visits from plumbers for quotes and also possibly the pool this afternoon. But I definitely want to get some learning into the mix!

Unschooling for Fall

I’m looking forward to the official start of our unschooling year. Considering that LEARN first meets on Wednesday, 9/10 – I guess that will be the first week of “official” schooling.

And here is how my daughter’s fall 2014 semester is shaping up:

Wednesdays: Art, Girl Scouts, Math Games, and Spanish in the morning at LEARN, followed by free play in the afternoon with the Heathen Homeschoolers.

Fridays: Chariots, Planes and Trains (lessons on physics and more) at Rockhurst Community Center for two hours.

And on at least three days a week with me:

  • reading and writing practice
  • Story of the World history book and interpretive art (and possibly a History of Missouri book as well)
  • math reinforcement through games, baking, and shopping

Also, intermittent classes through the KC-CIRCLE co-op that will include science, history, art, and theater field trips.

Aaaaand … I just picked up the Beyond the Books catalog from Mid-Continent Public Library. There are a ton of things I would like to take Emily to this fall with the libraries. So I will be going through that and adding in events where I can.

It’s going to be a GREAT year!

Unschooling for 8-28-14

The end of the week tends to be busier for me with cleaning clients. Thursdays are especially busy and yesterday I had back to back cleanings.

We managed a stop by the library on the way from one cleaning to the other and I picked up a book on Rosa Parks. I need to visit The Coterie website and find out when they are having the Rosa Parks play and coordinate the book reading with that visit.

Although they state that the play is for ages 10 and up, I think that Emily will keep up with most of it. She’s also of the age that, even if something bores her somewhat, she will sit still and watch. So I think she will get something out of it, possibly a lot.

We continue to read from Story of the World. We are still in Book 1 – Ancient Times and I’m looking forward to finishing the book and moving on to the Book 2, which I have a Teacher’s Key and learning exercises for (ditto for the rest of the books in the series).

I showed Emily a timeline yesterday on the homeschool room chalkboard. I’m concerned that she can’t really understand the true expanse of time occurring. I mean, we are still in B.C.!

I think I will get a binder together and place 30 pages in it – 100 years for each side of a page, makes 6,000 years’ worth of timeline. As we read more, we can mark the dates and details in the timeline and fill it full of information and pictures. Doesn’t that sound cool?!

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