Unschooling for 8-25-14


We have had a busy day homeschooling today, despite it taking very little time. So far we have covered:

  • The Family Under the Bridge – I read a chapter out of the book and Emily loves it. Every time we come to the end of the chapter she wants me to read more!
  • The divisions of most schools – elementary, middle and high school – This came up as we discussed her neighbor friend who is now in middle school and I realized she didn’t know that certain schools cover certain ages.
  • Making change – This actually happened the other day when she was in search of two quarters to buy the mega-gumball from the machine in the Mexican restaurant. We might need to play a round or two of The Money Game to remind her of the different values of quarters, dimes and nickels.
  • Cost comparisons – Grocery shopping is always a win-win for this kind of thing! We ended up only getting around $35 in groceries at Price Chopper before heading over to Aldi’s for the rest of our food needs. “Look Emily, the milk is over $1.10 cheaper than at Price Chopper!
  • Learning to question – instead of just blind belief – This has been a recurring theme, mainly due to the neighbor boy who apparently told her that if he does all of his homework and participates in class his teachers will give him $100 each week. Mmmm hmmm, sure they will. She’s starting to doubt some of his wilder claims!
  • We are all related – religious versus science-based – still ends up the same. – Emily mentioned that because she “believes in God” she knows that we are all brothers and sisters. I pointed out that a belief in God is not necessary to know that we have the same small handful of progenitors some eons past and that we all share the same basic genetic markers that make us human. I think she will be chewing on that for a while.
  • I know how to spell food – poof – This was sort of a joke. She was reading the word upside down and made a game of it. She’s picking out words, most of them easy ones, but increasing her reading as the days go by.
  • Story of the World – Odysseus and Cyclops – and interpretive art – We read the story of Odysseus and Cyclops and then drew pictures representing our vision of the story. I drew a small cave with a path leading up to it and pens of animals on each side, with Cyclops in the entrance. Emily drew the sailing ship (with cannon holes) and a time-lapse of the boulder that Cyclops threw at the ship. After that, I wrote a description of our project on the back of the card and Emily asked me to write hers as well.

Our first official day of homeschooling for the school year!


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