Two Ends of the Spectrum – Both Fascinating

Here’s how a typical morning in front of the computer looks on my end

My main searches included…

  • Rabbit hutches, rabbit tractors, and where did lucky rabbits foot come from?
  • Making hand-crafted books, pop-up cards, and hand lettering
  • How do you make a feather pen?
  • How to you make ink?
  • Free online learning courses – MITx

That was in the first hour, who knows where I’ll go from here…

But just as a result, I have several interesting sites and videos to share with you this morning.

If you have ever wondered how to make your own quill pen, this video will explain it in detail. It is quite a bit more complicated than just dipping the end of a feather quill in ink, but worth trying out. Apparently your creation can last from several weeks to months, depending on usage.

And once you’ve completed your feather quill masterpiece, you might want to consider making your own ink out of blackberries, salt and vinegar. Who knew it could be that easy?

For those of you who are more mathematics/science inclined, check out MIT’s new free online course offering. The Circuits and Electronics course will run from March 5th through June 8th, so there is still time to sign up if you have a teen that is considering this area of study. Personally, I’m considering this class for myself, or wondering if I can get my husband to sign up for it. I’m hoping it might help me puzzle out how to put together solar cells for a solar array on our roof.


[wanders away from computer to go ask husband’s advice]

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