Two Babies – Hard to Carry, Hard to Deal With!


My daughter walked into the kitchen where I was cleaning up. She was carrying her two doll babies (one of which had apparently been lost in the attic until this morning). She had a pained look on her face and she said, “Two babies…hard to carry…hard to deal with!”

I couldn’t help but laugh as she described her two babies. “This one here is the boy. He’s quiet. This one is the girl and she is bursting loud. That’s why I’ve got a binkie in her mouth.”

“To keep her quiet?” I asked.

“Yes!” she answered. “My arm is aching from carrying the bag with the baby girl.”

I had to take a picture.

She said later, “Being a mom is really hard!”

I told her, “That’s why I ascribe to the ‘one child at a time’ theory. Raise one, start all over again!”

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