Three Qualities That Affect Your Children the Most

I’m giving away all the secrets today. Or at least, three important ones. To be a successful parent that effects change in your child’s life you need to have three qualities well established. After that, the rest is a walk in the park.

Here it is, successful parenting made simple.

The three qualities that you exhibit which affect your children the most are the qualities you model each and every day…

WHO you are

Are you honest? A hard worker? Fair-minded? Respectful? A responsible member of the community?

HOW you live your life

Are you living a life that models honesty, hard work, friendship, morality, and healthy living?

WHAT you say AND do

When you promise to do something, do you do it? Do you walk the talk, or do you just talk the walk?

Every one of us has different values and expectations of ourselves and our children. But the most powerful message we can send, the one that cements itself in their brains early on, is when we hold ourselves first to the standards we expect from others.

This means taking responsibility. It means showing strength of character and admitting when we are wrong. It means BEING the model.

If you want your child to be patient, you must show him patience first.

If you want your child to be an athlete, you need to avoid the couch and encourage a game of catch.

If you want your child to show empathy to those less fortunate, you must take her to serve on a soup line or volunteer at a homeless shelter.

By keeping it real, by modeling the behavior and values we wish for our children, we show them it can be done and we are living proof of its benefits.

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