There Are No Straight Lines

Shall I describe my morning to you?

It started with…

  • researching commissary medical care with a doctor in Topeka,
  • then delved into opossum etymology and behaviors (we caught one in the chicken coop last night),
  • checking the score on the Royals game after seeing Melissa A.’s post on FB, which
  • morphed into rain barrels for watering chickens and researching sheds for chickens,
  • made notes on a story idea involving a serial killer and body parts (what is it with that dark, dark part of my writing mind, why can’t I write about sunshine and rainbows????)
  • to finally addressing (hopefully well in advance this time) my class lesson for next week’s LEARN Writer’s class.

Ah, the information age…filled with way too much information.

It gets worse.

I then checked out the lesson plan for next week…Canon/Rules of the Universe. I thought, Hmmm, I bet there are some great articles on this that I could neatly sum up for writing group. So of course I did a search and was distracted by this article, and specifically this book, which sent me to MCPL to do a book search and see about ordering the book.

Somehow this led to me realizing that my feet were cold, it was time to get dressed, and as I looked in the mirror and took in my unkempt overgrown curly mess “boogie wig” hair, realized I needed a haircut.

As I was waiting for the picture below to load I checked out a timeline post from an FB friend showing me Sharpie decorated pumpkins and set up a play date for Em for this weekend.

I’m still looking for good articles on establishing canon or the rules of a universe in writing. So far I’m striking out. Nothing runs in a straight line around here.

And seriously…check out this crazy hair!!!!


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