The Summer Reading Yields Several Very Interesting Books

Each year the Mid-Continent Public Library holds the Summer Reading Program. I love it – an excuse to read even MORE books! For every 24 books we read, Emily earns a free book. Up to three reading incentives are passed out each year.

Who can say no to a free book from the library?

Certainly not me!

Along the way, some of the holds I had requested on books that were needed to finish up her requirements for Kindergarten or to introduce some 1st Grade concepts have come in. Emily has also picked up several books, simply on their covers alone, and I’ve really enjoyed reading them.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Crazy Like A Fox – A Simile Story


Here is a great way to teach about similes and enjoy yourself in the process. Who says learning about the English language has to be boring? Check out this book for a fun story and lesson all weaved into one.

The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians


I love this book. It makes me want to be a librarian. I can think of several librarians at the Grandview branch, male and female, who fit these individual’s descriptions to a ‘T’. Emily loved this story and insisted on me reading it again and again. Too bad I can’t count each repetition as another book read!

Where’s My Mummy?


Emily requested this book again and again. All the things we find creepy were perfectly normal to the little baby mummy in the graveyard, but a nice normal mouse scared him where no vampire, skeleton or blob monster could. Which just goes to show you that what we might consider normal can be scary to others and vice versa. A nice little book about standing in someone else’s shoes.

Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas


This is an excellent book that explained about phytoplankton and how it grows and feeds zooplankton, which then feed other ocean life, leading to a full food chain. It also describes ‘snow’ the material that falls to the dark, deep ocean floor, feeding that life, and how the waves and water movement serve to push carbon dioxide up to the surface – in other words, the entire sequence for life in the seas. Emily really enjoyed this book.

Impatient Pamela Wants a Bigger Family


If you are running into the request of “I want a baby brother/sister!” – this book might be for you. It describes the positives and negatives of having siblings and reinforces the positives of each family’s choice to have one or a dozen kids – and encourages one little girl to be happy with the fact that she is an only child. I think I could have really used this book as a kid!

And lastly…

Beethoven Lives Upstairs


Both of my girls have listened, over and over, to Beethoven Lives Upstairs on audio, but there is a book in print, and I just had to have it. This book gave Emily a vision of the rooms and people being described on the CD. I think she found it interesting to compare what pictures she had in her head to the ones in the book.

Summer reading. How fun. I’ve been learning a great deal, right alongside Emily!

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