The Perfect Book…


I have been put on a book buying freeze by my husband. This translates to a reduction on book buying on my part, since I am terrible at listening/obeying such edicts.

This weekend we stopped by Cargo Largo, an anything goes kind of hodge podge store, and I found three books for Em, plus one for me. And then on Sunday we had 45 minutes to spare and ended up browsing through Barnes & Noble on the Plaza. I bought two more there – one an art book (well, coloring book that will provide inspiration when I’m working on the Zendala on the front hood of the van) and a prepper’s guidebook.

The three books that I bought for Em, however, were the real score. Especially one of them.

There was a shark adventure book that is for older tweens – she’ll be ready for it in about a year. There was also a Dory Fantasmagory book that I think she will enjoy reading now that she is dipping her toe into chapter books.


The final book, however, was the big score. I picked it up, thumbed through it, and knew she would love it.

Roller Girl is a graphic novel about a girl who goes to a roller derby and is captivated. So captivated that she joins a roller derby summer camp. I knew this would be a book that Em would enjoy and I can’t wait to hear how things goes for Roller Girl.

roller girl

Em was absolutely over the moon seeing her first roller derby this summer. Although her excitement quickly turned to indignance when she found out she had to be eleven years old to attend roller derby camp. Meanwhile we are taking her roller skating as often as possible.

This book will feed the flames and get her skating even more, of that I am sure!




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