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So I’ve been busy writing…because Darling, the whole cleaning gig thing is just a fading thing. I think it is tied to the economy, and the economy is NOT better, no matter what those liars in Washington try to say.

I’ve been busy writing, but not here. The reason?

I’m not making a dime on this blog, not a one. In fact, it is costing me. Not a lot, not enough for me to stop having it, but finances are insisting I come up with something else.

So I have. Call it #1 in a long stream of somethings…Bubblews.

It seems crazy to me that you can earn a penny for every view, a penny for every Like and a penny for each comment and actually, you know, earn a wage of any kind. But build enough connections, enough of a following and you can do it. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m writing an average of eight posts a day on Bubblews and it has earned me more than a little pocket change.

And because my cleaning biz is fading fast (I’ve lost about $400 per month in the past month to clients needing to tighten their own purse strings) I have decided to GO…FOR…IT and become a full-time writer.

Go me!

i’m not canceling my remaining clients. Not yet, anyway. I still need that money! But I will be posting almost exclusively at Bubblews. Now if you are a member of Bubblews, you will find me under the username of GeneralMalcontent (all one word). But you can still come here, because I’m going to be posting links to all of my parenting and education Bubblews posts here as well. And on Facebook. Follow The Homeschool Advocate on Facebook for real-time updates and links.

Some are funny, some are reminiscent, educational, current state of affairs and more. In other words, you will be getting more content than ever before, but you will have to follow the links to get to them.

I hope you will. Here is a rundown of some of the relevant Bubblews posts I have written in the past couple of weeks…

The crazy things kids say

My learning about attachment parenting (after the fact!) 

When kids snoop in places they don’t belong

Thoughts on knowledge…and being comfortable HAVING knowledge 

The wild connections kids make

Homeschooling in the car 

The questions and conversations we have

The Nature of Unschooling

The Myth of Socialization

A new semester at LEARN

Funny neighborhood kid

Forest School – totally fun! 

Changing my attitude 

Some of my favorite kidisms

Thoughts on how kids do NOT have to cost that much

My hero, George Carlin

A childhood favorite

Encouraging Emily to build her own curriculum

Challenging my own beliefs

The challenges of reading out loud

Funny question by a kid

What is it with bouncy houses?

A day in the unschool life

The teachers who saved me

Celebrating the birth of my daughter a quarter of a century ago

Wow…I’ve been busy! I’ll try and update this site regularly with more posts. The ones listed above were all written in the past twelve days!

p.s. Thank you WriterKerrie (mommykerrie on Bubblews). See I listened to your suggestions! You are my Obi-Wan Kenobi and I remain your faithful Padawan apprentice.

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