The Funny Things Kids Say


Last night as we left the house to go get some dinner, my husband noticed the gas tank was on empty. So we headed over to the gas station and he got out to fill up the tank.

While we were waiting on my husband to finish gassing up the car, Emily and I talked in the van. That is, until she interrupted our talk to tell me her phone was ringing. She dug the toy phone out from under her bottom in the car seat, flipped it open and said, “Hello? Hello? HELLO!?”

With that came the snap as the phone was shut and a large, rather dramatic sigh. “Ugh…I was butt-dialed…AGAIN.”

I laughed so hard.

It is always fascinating to me how kids emulate us. I’m not butt-dialed that often, but I guess the reaction I have has stuck with her!

What about you? Have any funny stories to share about your kids? How do they emulate you?

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