The Child Whisperer

Everyone needs a child whisperer. Seriously, they really do.

Our family’s ‘child whisperer’ is primarily my husband. I stand in awe of his ability to tame the savage beast and somehow convince our headstrong three-year-old it is time for bed.

My office is right next to her bedroom, and I was wrapping up a few last tasks as he tucked her into bed and read her a story last night. The story ended and as I cleared my desk I heard Emily ask, “Daddy? Tell me about Spuds and Sparky.”

In case you are wondering, Spuds and Sparky were my husband’s pet scorpions when he was a teenager. Yes, I know how odd that sounds, to use “pet” and “scorpions” together in a sentence, but there you go, after all he’s an odd guy and his oddness is one of the many reasons I like him so much!

A few weeks ago he had read a story to her that simply referenced, didn’t show, scorpions being under the character’s bed. It was innocent enough, the character in the book was convinced there were scorpions under his bed (there weren’t) but he had his father check again and again. This convinced Emily that she had scorpions under her bed and she refused to go to bed alone for three nights in a row, citing scorpions as an excuse to cuddle in bed with us.

It was then that Spuds and Sparky were rekindled in her father’s memory and he told her all about them. Somehow, knowing that they could be “pets” made her feel better. The fears of scorpions under her bed went away and each night she asks her dad to tell her all about Spuds and Sparky.

And really, who names two scorpions such innocent-sounding names like that? Oh right, my oddball husband.

In any case, after hearing her sweet request last night, I nominate my husband the Child Whisperer.

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