The Cheese Stands Alone

Kids are amazing, magical creatures. They are also down-to-earth, practical and funny.

Today we went grocery shopping, first to Wal-Mart and then to Aldi’s. As we drove away, heading home, Dave began to sing…

The cheese stands alone,

The cheese stands alone!

He stopped and asked rhetorically, “Why does the cheese stand alone, anyway?”

Just as I was about to say that I had no idea, Emily chimed in, “Well, maybe the mouse didn’t see it sitting there.”

There was a long pause, before we both laughed and agreed.

I have to admit, this is a very exciting time for us. Emily has begun to read and is becoming a champ at sounding words out. The book I had tried working with How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons had been set aside about four months ago. She wasn’t ready and I wasn’t either (I was far too impatient). Last night she brought it to me and asked if we could work on it some more.

Up to this point I had tried to honor the strict instructions of the book, restricting our forays into reading to just one lesson a day. We hadn’t gotten far, perhaps five lessons in. Last night we zipped through the reading/sounding out parts of the first eleven lessons. As she read simple words like ‘Sam’ I would rattle off examples, “That Sam I am, that Sam I am, I do not like that Sam I am!” Later, lying in bed we read a simple beginners reading book. She regularly tries to guess what the word is, growing impatient with sounding it out, but there is significant progress.

Truth be told, reading is the most special of early abilities/milestones for me. I want to jump up and down, hug her with excitement, and tell her all about this special world she is entering into. Other worlds, kingdoms, adventures, and innumerable hours of entertainment and learning await her. I am overjoyed at the thought, so much of who I am is wrapped up in the pages of books and my favorite characters.

It is moments like these that remind me of why I love being a mom.

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