The Best of Intentions

Sometimes I schedule things without really thinking them through. It usually starts with a “Well, gee, this sounds like a nice bonding experience for the entire family” and ends with a “Oh my god, what was I thinking?!”

I found myself in that situation this past Saturday as I approached…the skating rink.

Ice Skating With Clifford

As I wobbled on those two slivers of steel, my oversized body weighing me down and my ankles complaining, one thought became dominant in my mind. I stared at the ice and thought, “Oh God, I’m going to die.”

It had been fifteen years since I had last tried to go ice skating. My memories don’t serve me well, but I’m sure I must have been at least a little bit frightened then as well. For the life of me, I cannot remember if I ever stepped away from the wall of the rink on that particular visit.

I have a hypothesis on the source of my fear this past Saturday. It goes beyond the concern of having absolutely no health insurance and falls squarely into the realm of preferring to keep my body as intact as possible. Perhaps a healthy dose of self-preservation kicks in after age 40 and all one can think of is, “I’ve got a limited number of years on this earth left to me, I’d prefer not to spend any of it in traction.”

Dave and I just looked at each other and laughed, shaking our heads. He got out onto the ice and actually managed to step away from the railing. Every time I lifted my hand my feet began to move in opposite directions, so I quickly maintained a death grip on the railing with one hand and a hand on Emily> I thought Dave was doing pretty good until I asked him to take Emily’s hand. He shook his head, “NO WAY!”

Emily stared at the ice and refused to move away from the railing – even if it meant heading for Clifford who was at the opposite end greeting skaters and posing for photos.

I don’t think we lasted ten minutes before we decided to get some pics with Clifford and get the tightly laced steel monstrosities off of our feet double-quick.

I had the best of intentions…truly I did.

I keep somewhat up to date on what’s happening at Crown Center, so I knew they had recently changed their children’s play area on the lower level near the Coterie. I suggested we go over and have some fun there and thankfully both my husband and daughter are good sports. We all took the failure of the ice skating experience in stride and moved on to a fun exhibit and play area.

There were plenty of photo opportunities available and we snapped some great ones. Here is Emily in the anthill…

On a camel…

As a little joey…

And cuddled up for a “winter’s nap” with her daddy and the bears…

Dave got into the swing of things and hung out at the local knothole…

Later we ate at a fantastic chinese buffet in Grandview and they fought over fortune cookies…

Tinkerbella Mason Jar

In the end, it was this little gem that made our perfect day together as a family complete…

The latest addition to our household is little 7 week old “Bella” a German Shorthair Pointer pup.  Well, she’s mostly a German Shorthair. Her mama had ‘something else’ and was a stray at a friend’s house. Bella has reminded me of how time-intensive little ones can be. Two hours of wailing from her carrier last night and I folded like a big marshmallow and spent the rest of the night on the couch with her nestled against my chest.

What can I say? She is adorable – I’m sure if there were a certification on being adorable she would have five of them. Even my old dog, who is a complete grouch, had nothing negative to say. Not even a growl.

And right now, all I can think of is that I am grateful. For the home that I live in, for an understanding husband (who would much rather NOT have three dogs no matter how cute he finds the new puppy), two beautiful daughters, a house and yardful of animals (including 13 loyal laying hens who fill my fridge with eggs) and a beautiful un-winter day to enjoy it all in.

Emily is learning ‘new puppy’ care tips and when the time comes to begin training Bella, she will be right in the thick of it, learning the proper way to teach our new girl good behavior – on and off the leash.

By the end of the day we had quite a few laughs over the skating rink disaster. It was, in the end, a perfect day.

And Dave just had to shoot a video of Bella playing with a ball

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