Summer Activities

Wow, I have to say, there is a LOT of kid-centric things to do in Kansas City. And I get the sneaking suspicion that I know about 1/4 of them at most.

I turned around twice and realized our summer is rocking full of cool activites. Because, after all, summer is all about kids. Which is super-cool for Emily. I don’t mind taking her to the activities, but I think we will be very busy people this summer. Here is what we have on tap so far…

Girl Scout Day Camp

In the middle of June, starting on a Wednesday evening and running all day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – Emily should have an amazingly fun time at the Girl Scout day camp. I’m not sure if any of her troop mates will be joining her – they didn’t go on an overnight a couple of months ago – but hey, whatever, she will have fun and make plenty of older friends. Maybe next year her troop mates will catch on to her excitement and join in!

Even if your daughter isn’t a registered Girl Scout yet, you can still pay the extra $12 and join in. The day camp itself is only $25. An amazing price for plenty of fun in the sun!

Coterie Theatre Acting Class

How to Talk Like a Pirate in Five Days will have Emily buckling on her sword and slipping on the eye-patch from her old Halloween costume. The Coterie has classes at a variety of locations and it promises to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what they do!

College for Kids @ Longview College

For the first time, Emily gets to participate in College for Kids out at Longview. I’ve been looking over their catalog with longing for nearly five years now! We found two fun classes, Fun Under the Big Top and Pinkalicious, that fit in our already busy schedule.

Pinkalicious will cut into some of the Girl Scout Day Camp – and I gave Emily three choices – 1) skip scout camp, 2) skip Pinkalicious, or 3) Go to Pinkalicious and be late on two days for scout camp. “I choose #3!” she said with a big jump. Alrighty then, Option #3 it is!

Learn more by clicking here.

Programs at Mid-Continent

Group of children listens to a presentation.

As always, the Mid-Continent Public Library has some AMAZING programs during the summer in addition to their summer reading program. Check it all out by going to this link. Keep in mind that many of these programs have a max and require pre-registration, so pull out your calendar and start signing up for what works for your schedule!

Programs at the Kansas City Museum

The Kansas City Museum is doing a drop-ins program this summer. No registration is necessary. There are also some kid-oriented programs on Saturdays. Go check it out by clicking here.

Swimming Lessons and Homeschool P.E. at High Blue

Yep, it is high time for some swimming lessons. This gets me off the hook for most of the swimming requests this summer and increases her comfort and independence in the water, two big pluses. The price is right – just $49 (early bird rate) for a month of twice per week lessons. For those who want more of an intensive course, there are 4-day per week swimming lessons in two-week long sessions.

I was pleased to hear that they are extending Homeschool P.E. through the summer for the first time. Considering I had just gotten it together in March, got too busy to enroll her in April and we are now in May – this is a great opportunity. Especially when it is only $18 (early bird rate) for the month.

Crown Center Puppet Shows and More

Crown Center wants your business…and they are using the lure of free puppet shows and much, much more to get it. While you are there, why not stop at the fountains and let the kids get cooled off. It’s almost as easy as sipping mai tai’s by the poolside…almost.

Passport to Adventure

Learning and fun – history and nature – are all incorporated together through the Passport to Adventure program. You can find the Passport at any of the locations in the pamphlet. There are a total of 26 location – everything from nature centers (Burr Oak Woods, Powell Gardens, Lakeside Nature Center) to history museums (Battle of Westport Museum, Wornall House). Go to a location in the book, answer the question and have the passport stamped. Visit 16 sites and turn in the Passport by 10/31 and receive a prize package.

How cool is that?

Powell Gardens Fairy Houses & Forts

From May 19th through October 7th there is a fairy houses & forts exhibition. I hope to visit and get some fantastic ideas on making a fairy house of our own (or two…or three). And what about a fort?! Learn more about it here.

It isn’t too late to sign up for most of these classes and events. So get to it! Fun and adventure are waiting this summer!

Note: I won’t be posting again until next Monday. Tomorrow is my birthday, Happy Birthday to ME! and Saturday is a city-wide garage sale, and we are manning a lemonade stand and then throwing a garden party in the afternoon. Hang tight, people and I’ll see you on Monday!

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