Spreading Holiday Cheer…Like a Contagious Disease

Pardon me while I sneeze…


Ah there, much better. At least for a few minutes.

Yeah, so…I’m sick.

The typically once annual, can’t avoid it, snergelly-nosed, congested and can’t breathe, sore throat crap that no one wants. Especially not right before the holidays.

I’ve cleared my schedule until, well, today. (I’m writing this on Sunday…shhh…pretend it’s Wednesday!) And I’m hoping that by today (Wednesday) I will be all better.

No cleanings, no visits to family or friends and, fingers crossed, this will all be done in a couple more days. Emily, who got it first and oh, so kindly passed it to me, is almost over it. She sounded like the plague yesterday, but today seems much better. I’m apparently a day or two behind her. At least I’m starting to hack the crud up, instead of just coughing and coughing without any hope of dislodging any of the yuck.

Until ‘today’ – stay clear – unless you want what I’ve got. And believe me, you don’t. At least, not right before the holidays…

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