So THAT is What One-Half Means!


Epiphanies can strike at odd moments. Like the other day as we are driving home after two cleanings.

“I’m soooo tired!” Emily said from the back seat.

She was tired? I was the one getting sick and just having finished two cleanings!

“I’ve been awake for TEN hours!” says she, in a rather dramatic voice.

“Actually, you have only been awake for seven and a half hours,” overly exacting person that I am.


“I woke you at 7:00 this morning, it’s now 2:30.” I answered, “Five plus two and one half makes seven and a half.”

There was a short pause. “Oh, OH, that’s what one-half means? Half of ONE, not TWO? Now I get it! That makes so much sense!” She laughed, “Here I always thought that one-half was half of TWO, which would be one, not ½. NOW I understand!”

Who needs worksheets in classrooms when you have learning moments like these?

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