Silly Putty…in the Hair!


This morning I was brushing my daughter’s hair and kept running into these crazy tangles, snarls and weirdness. “What in the world is in your hair?”

She said nothing at first, then her shoulders slumped a little. “I guess we need to throw away my Silly Putty.”

“Is THAT what is in your hair?” I asked, “How in the world did it get in there?”

“I don’t know.”

Am I the only one who hates it when my child gives me that answer? “I don’t know” should be banned from the list of answers a kid is allowed to give.

“Seriously, how did it end up in your hair?”

“I wanted a glow in the dark bracelet before I went to sleep last night,” says she, “the only thing I could find was glow-in-the-dark Silly Putty.”

“So you put it around your wrist.”


“And then you went to bed?”


So the Silly Putty probably got warm and then managed to melt in her hair. Even after a thorough washing it was still there!

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