She Dreams of a Fairy Princess

A new family tradition has been carried on with Little Miss, our foster daughter, this holiday season. For some residents of Kansas City, visiting the Fairy Princess is a tradition that began two generations (or more) ago. 

For the past 80 years, little girls (and boys) can visit the Fairy Princess and tell her what they hope to get for Christmas. They sit in her lap, she has them wave a wand, and they get a small gift.

When Em was four, we took her to see the Fairy Princess at the Kansas City Museum. She sat on the woman’s lap in her pretty red dress and told her what she wanted for Christmas. The Fairy Princess nodded, handed her a wand to wave, and a small chest nearby magically opened.

Em was dazzled. There is a lovely photo of her with the Fairy Princess and I keep it in my office. And this year, my husband turned to me and said, “Hey, are we going to take Little Miss to see the Fairy Princess?”

And I smiled, remembering Em’s face. “Oh yes, let’s do that!”

On a post-Halloween trip to Savers for 75% off of all Halloween costumes, I found some great dress-up clothes for Little Miss, but nothing compared to this beautiful shiny dress…

This little girl has spent most of the last few weekends and weekday evenings running about in this dress. 

Or this one…

And more.

Little Miss loves to play dress up!

As you can see from the photo at the top, we settled on this lovely long-sleeved red dress my friend Victoria gave me. Little Miss loves this dress so much, especially twirling in it!

Little girls dream of being princesses. At some point, it will subside, and she will be on to other interests. But for now, we have one little girl who will always be able to smile at this picture and know that she got to sit with a real fairy princess.


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