Sharing the Love

Sometimes ideas just kind of sneak up on me and smack me in the head.

Actually, MOST of the time that is exactly how it happens. That “oh, duh” moment when I realize, “Gee, that might really be a good fit for me.”

And as I was driving home from dropping off Emily at music class, I realized that I really, REALLY would enjoy teaching a Young Writers Program at LEARN next fall.

I thought of how accessible self-publication is these days. The students could put together several contributions each, possibly even accompanied with artwork, and we could create an ebook and self-publish it through Amazon at the end of the semester.

I would introduce some general grammar/spelling (basically suggest that bad grammar or spelling take away from the reading experience), discuss when to break and start a new paragraph, how to create dialogue, why outlines help keep you focused, and more.

We could read/share/edit our work together and then work together to edit, format, and submit the ebook.

I’m thinking of (don’t laugh) possibly suggesting a theme – Identity, Feelings, the Future, et cetera for us to follow. It’s okay, you can laugh, I find it highly ironic that I, the rule breaker and theme avoider extraordinaire, would actually suggest the very thing I usually¬†avoid like the bubonic plague.

In the end, I guess my thought is that if I work with some of the tweens/teens, I can share my love of writing and inspire others to create their own literary works of art.

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2 Responses to Sharing the Love

  1. Donna says:

    Can I take it? seriously, would love to talk to you; been attending a writing/publishing group working with someone helping me format an out of print book trying to get back in print – also going to a conference she’s having end of the month with her sister as well who she says knows even more about the nuts and bolts of it than she does but always open to learning more, if there would be a way

    • Christine says:

      Hi Donna-

      Honestly it is just for the tweens/teens, quite an unstructured thing as these homeschool/unschool things tend to be. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been under the weather. Feel free to email me at shuckchristine(at)