Serious Stuff and Funny Stuff

First the funny stuff…


We have six little chicks in our basement right now and Emily suggested we take a picture of her with them. Well, one in particular.

“Mama, take a picture that looks like I’m about to eat one of them!”

I call this her crazy face.

Disclaimer: No chicks were harmed in this photograph!

In fact, they will live long, productive lives. They are all hens. Come September, or thereabouts, these little cuties will begin to lay an egg nearly every day. Big brown ones. They are Rhode Island Reds.

I can’t wait to see them strutting around the coop, proudly announcing their newest accomplishment. Our established hens, all three years old now, still proudly strut about, clucking loudly whenever they lay an egg. Chickens are excellent self-promoters.

And kids have great ideas for photos.


Now the serious stuff. I just ran across a great website. Actually, they started following ME on Twitter. See what you get when you follow me on Twitter?! In any case, Life Learning Magazine is the site. And I found a great article on there that literally had me crying tears of relief, How They Learned to Read and Write. This woman described the way I feel to a ‘T’ – complete with the understanding that my issues with my kiddo not reading and writing are MY issues, not hers.

When I have the funds, I’m going to sign up for two years of issues. You can test drive it by lurking about the site, then jump in the shallow end by paying just $26.95 for one year’s membership. And a two year membership is just $49.90. I think I’m definitely going to go for the two year. In any case, read the article, it’s a great one.

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