School is Out For Summer!

My husband has done a fabulous job of running the homeschool side of things for the past five months and now it is time for summer break!

Each morning, Monday through Friday, he has dutifully tackled spelling, social studies, math and more. On her own, with little prompting, Em has practiced her cello, watched educational science videos, written in her journal, and read at least 30 minutes per day from a book of her choice.

I have been very impressed with her progress – which has been in no small part due to my husband’s diligence!

In just under 20 weeks they managed to tear through 36 weeks of spelling lists, at least three Life of Fred math books, and 1 1/2 History of US history books!

And while we will be taking a break for summer, there are a couple of things I hope to work on with Em. I figure we will take a couple of weeks and then in the first week of June, we will:

  • Begin daily handwriting practice
  • Practice multiplication until she has all of it memorized through 12x tables

That’s it. Nothing too demanding. In June, she will have summer camp with Harmony Project that mirrors the same schedule as the rest of the year.

And speaking of Harmony Project – I received word that my little munchkin took excellent care of her cello. Such good care in fact, that it was noticed by the guy who handles all of the instrument repair and maintenance. She will receive a special award at the beginning of summer camp recognizing how responsible she was!

I cannot say enough good things about Harmony Project – not just for our family, but for the community in general. I smile every time I hear my daughter playing the cello. It is hard to believe she has only been practicing for nine months – she has really improved. So have all of the kids in the program. It has been fantastic to watch!

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