Schedule and Routine Makes a Difference


When I was homeschooling, one of my biggest challenges was dealing with an ever-changing routine. This mainly had to do with my work schedule cleaning houses, which fluctuated around my clients’ needs and schedules. No one day was the same!

And while my schedule of cleanings has not changed, our enforced daily routine of public school has made a difference and laid a path to how it could be better if we ever returned to homeschooling in the future.

Em is happy at her school and is doing well – both in her academics and social life – so, for now, we are content with keeping with a public school regimen for this year and quite possibly sixth grade as well. After that? Well, let’s just say I’m trying to get as much writing done as possible before that time rolls around.

When Em became so stressed over her juries in her music class (juries are basically assessment tests), we incorporated a small change that has really made a difference. Read on…

Cuddle Time

At 6:30 in the morning, I wake the kiddo up and entice her out of her lofty platform bed nest with hot tea. She drinks it just like her dad, Earl Grey with milk and honey. We sit in the library, me with my coffee, her with her tea, and cuddle on the loveseat as she takes a few minutes to wake up.


Each morning I read a chapter from a book to her. Currently, we are reading Bad Luck by Pseudonymous Bosch. Any other time of day, in any other position (other than sitting up) and I will fall asleep. But somehow, the combination of sitting up and first thing in the morning (at least for Em) and I am not a victim of reading aloud induced narcolepsy – thank goodness!

Emily absolutely loves me reading to her and it is just the best way to start off our day. Literary me is happy that she is experiencing a story, even if she isn’t reading it, and Em loves the attention and time with me. I can see us doing this every morning for pretty much forever.

She will be 30 years old, in her own home and I’ll still be reading…well…maybe not.

Cello Practice

With her wake-up time of 6:30, Em has an hour and ten minutes to wake up, get dressed, drink some hot tea, cuddle, listen to a chapter, and then finally practice her cello. And I love listening to it. I found a perfect place to store the cello, right next to my rolltop writing desk in the library part of the room (the other section is my office). After reading aloud, I retreat to my corner desk to deal with various to-do’s while listening to her practice. It’s the perfect fusion of productivity, time with Em, and practice for her mixed together.

And how she has improved! In just two short weeks, we have seen an enormous improvement not just in her playing but in her attitude. The successes she has seen in her abilities has spurred her to practice more and also given her a real sense of accomplishment. I think she realizes that she is in control of her ability and progress, and that is a powerful lesson.

What about your daily routine with your children? What have you put into place that makes a difference in your daily routines?

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