Saying “Yes”

I know I’ve been rather quiet here on the homeschool front. The hubby is still unemployed, although there are several possibles pending, so that will probably change soon. Meanwhile, he is heading the daily homeschooling tasks and I am working on other things.

Last night my eldest sent me a link to a TED talk, which reminded me, yet again, how much I enjoy TED talks and how important it is to me to watch them more often.

I’ll see a new link to one come across my email and think, “Later, I’ll watch it.” And then I get busy, distracted, and never get around to it.

Danielle sent an update to me (she’s currently editing my 5th book) and the link to a TED talk I had meant to watch but never did, My Year of Saying Yes to Everything┬áby Shonda Rhimes.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear another mother say that she doesn’t particularly enjoy playing with her child. I kind of figured I was an anachronism, but perhaps I am really quite normal in this – at least among titans.

Later, as I moved around the house this morning, my little one said, “Come cuddle with me, Mama, just for a little while.”

And although my brain was firing away, a dozen “to-do’s” battling for supremacy, I stretched out on the big chair and a half in the living room and pulled her close to me. There will be a day when she doesn’t need me to cuddle her anymore. And I know it is coming far sooner than I am ready for.

We lay there, discussing the day ahead, until she said, “Until Daddy gets back from dropping off the lawnmower, there are some homeschool things I can do on my own. So I’ll do those, and then can I draw some on my computer?”

“Sure,” I said. Cuddle time was over, she had gotten the time she needed with me, and we hugged again before she ran off upstairs to get to reading and writing. It was five, maybe ten minutes, tops. Such a small amount of time for such an important person in my life.

Watch the video, say “yes” more often, and listen for the hum. That’s the lesson I learned for today.

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