Red Rocket Readers

Our local library has Red Rocket Readers and these seem to be a hit with Emily. I’m noticing she likes plenty of what I call “gimmes” – learning is fine as long as it is fun, entertaining, with plenty of wins involved. If she feels out of her depth, or overly challenged, she runs in the opposite direction.

As I go through the ins, outs, ups and downs of trying to move from one house to another (qualifying for loans post bankruptcy, trying to figure out if I can be dinged for a foreclosure even after the mortgage was discharged in the bankruptcy, time frames, etc) I can really relate to wanting things to be a little easier. Can I get some wins here, please? How about a yes at the end of all those no’s?

As you can see, I’m still preoccupied and there is no end in sight.

Back to Red Rocket Readers though. We are tackling one reader a day, more if Emily wants, but one reader a day. There are color-coded levels – pink appears to be reviewing the alphabet and very simple words, hot pink has plenty of sight words and digraph words for kids to learn – and you progress to more words, full sentences, as you move up through red, yellow and into blue. We are currently on the magenta, which I think Emily is quite comfortable with. However, the next color up, she retreats immediately and really does not want to try.

So we will go through the magenta level ad nauseum. And soon I will point out the next higher color and pick out a mix of those books to go over.

Just one book a day…

Just one…

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