Real Life Math

There were plenty of moments as a child and teen when I bemoaned having to learn mathematics. Especially algebra. So I prefer to use real-life examples.

This past weekend, I woke up to see in the weak morning light a typical scene…

Imagine a king-size bed, which can comfortably fit three human beings, or more if you are cozy.

On my 1/3 of the bed was me, and only me. In the middle and over a portion of my husband’s side of the bed, were our three dogs. I’d say about half of the bed was taken up by them. And my husband was curled into the small fraction that was left.

I got up and walked straight into my office to write the following question on my office blackboard…

I had a cleaning, and my husband is temporarily laid off from work, so he tackled this problem with her. Emily reportedly said, “Wow, this is an interesting math problem!”

They worked it out with pie charts.

I guess I’ll explain LCD (least common denominator) another time…

And here is what Em came up with…

Soooo much better than a boring worksheet. And she understood it and enjoyed it!

Math doesn’t have to be boring old worksheets or a long line of problems to solve. Sometimes it can be as straightforward as the problem above.

Next on my list?

Figuring out how much in purchases I need to make on my Capital One Travel Rewards credit card to pay for two one-way flights to Europe in 2020!

Round trip prices as well…

So if I have two $700 tickets to buy, I need to either pay $1,400 or have accrued 140,000 in travel miles. Which is the equivalent of spending $112,000. By April of 2020. That means an average of $3,111 per month of transactions.


I’m thinking this rewards card sucks donkey butt.

Math Lesson for tomorrow: Why My Rewards Card sucks donkey butt

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