Reading Progress With Clifford


As hard as it was for me to wait – NOW, this summer, and these past few weeks have been the absolutely PERFECT time for my young daughter to start reading.

A perfectionist (she comes by it naturally – on both sides) she needed to feel competent before jumping off of the deep end. And apparently, that train has now arrived at the station.

Last night we (well, SHE) read Clifford the Big Red Dog. Some of the Dolch sight words still give her difficulty, but for the most part, she is clearly and willingly reading. Small words, big words, all words. Her speed is improving as well.

When we began our evening reading program several weeks ago she was resistant to reading the whole book. This made sense, she was still feeling challenged by the books. So we negotiated. She would read a couple of pages, then me, then her, and so on. As we have seen the fluency grow, she has volunteered to read more and more. Often reading out loud with me as I have my turn.

Last night she began reading, and when it was my turn we both read aloud and I asked, “Would you like to read this book? Are we switching off? What do you prefer?”

“It’s easy, I can read the whole book myself,” she said, “Just correct me if I mess up, okay?”

And that is just what we did. She is doing phenomenally and I for one, am about the proudest and happiest mama around. It was so difficult to wait and we still have a ways to go until full fluency, but she is definitely on the right path.

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