Pokemon Go Arrives at The Shucks’

When I first heard of Pokemon Go, it was vague references on Facebook. Honestly, I thought it was another Facebook game like Candy Crush.

The second time I heard of it was earlier in the week, when the news stories came out of people being robbed while playing the game.

On Wednesday, still not completely understanding this idea, I asked my eldest what in the heck was going on and she explained the basic premise of the game to me.

I’ll admit it, it sounded weird.


And then my husband downloaded the game on both of our phones. It turned out we were infested with the digital buggers – there were two outside our house and one in our backyard! Dave and Em went outside to lasso them, battle them, shove ’em into balls, or make treaties with them.

They battled one and captured it, and the other two scattered to the winds.

And the game was on. After day camp, Em returned home and found one in our library and one flying around above the dining room table. Thankfully she captured both, eradicating their incursions from our home.

And at around 8 p.m. a time that Em is normally glued to her computer and Dave to his, they went for a walk, not returning until after sunset.

They walked down one street, up another. They met a group of two or three children and a passel of kittens along the way. And earlier in the evening, Em met two girls just down the street from us, who she played with until they had to go inside.

As they returned home, Em netted even more Pokemon creatures, bringing her total up to a full dozen caught in one day. And at least a mile of walking under her belt.

You see where I’m going with this?

Em (and Dave) got their exercise, had fun, and met a passel of new people. And although the intricacies of Pokemon still elude me, I can’t help thinking that this is an amazingly cool way of getting all manner of ages out and about. It also has the unique side effect of creating interactions with people we normally don’t get to meet.

It’s P.E., but the fun and enjoyable kind!


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