Passport to Adventure

In late June, while attending one of the lead-up events for the Kansas City Urban Garden tour, I took Emily to a children’s event at Children’s Beanstalk Garden. The presenter never showed up and I started talking to one of the docents, who showed us fainting flowers and several other neat areas of the garden. “Do you have a Passport to Adventure yet?” she asked me. I had no idea what she was talking about.

She ushered us into the office, opened a desk drawer and handed us a little booklet.

“Go to the different locations listed in the booklet and answer the questions.” She explained, “You have to go to a certain number of locations and then turn in the book and they will give you a prize package at the end of the year.”

Well all right then! We got started and knocked off a couple of the stops right away. And then, as it usually does, life got in the way. I remember looking it over in August and thinking,I’ve got to get this done soon. There are 26 locations listed, and 15 had to be stamped by the end of October. But there was a trip to Arizona to plan, and classes to teach and a lot of writing projects – and so I delayed once again.

Last week I looked at the booklet and realized I only had four locations stamped. The deadline for completing the booklet was October 31st, how in the world would I get it all done?!

I pulled up my Outlook calendar and started identifying free or ‘less busy’ days. Last Friday was one, and after a short cleaning we went to the Legler Barn in Lenexa and the Grinter Place which wasn’t more than ten minutes away. That brought us to a total of six.

Last Saturday was a big day for activities. We started the day with a visit to Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic where Emily finally got her fire engine AND the monster machine kit. We built the fire engine and decided to save building the monster machine kit for later in the week at home. From Lowe’s we went straight to Ironwoods Park in Leawood, Kansas which held both the Oxford Schoolhouse and the Prairie Oak Nature Center – two stops in the Passport to Adventure.

After that it was off to the Not Back to School Party with KC Homeschool which was held at the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead yet ANOTHER stop in the Passport.

If that wasn’t enough, I asked Dave to take Emily to the Lakeside Nature Center which is very near the Kansas City Zoo for the Magic Woods experience. I hadn’t realized there would be a fee of $10, but with face painting and young Coterie Theatre actors as well as Mother Nature in attendance (plus ANOTHER stamp in the passport) I think it was well worth the experience.

So now we have…what…four or five locations left to go? We will be hitting Missouri Town later this month and I’ve added the rest into my schedule.

We have discovered many great new places. I am constantly amazed at the number of things we can do now for free (or low cost) with Emily that is both educational and fun. The Passport to Adventure website seems a bit dated, but the locations are varied and fun.

I’m excited, and looking forward to next year’s Passport as well!

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