Our New Homeschool Journal

A purchase from a few months ago finally came in handy. Or should I say I finally remembered I had one?

In any case, I dug around for a bit, and then pulled out this little ‘primary journal’.

Emily is unwilling as of yet to write in it, so I simply showed it to her and suggested that we could use it to:

  • Write about our day
  • Describe the weather
  • Tell stories

And much more.

She seemed a little lost on what we should write about, so I suggested we talk about what we had read that day. She dictated the following entry…

She was definitely up for the picture drawing part of it, however.

When she signed her name I did not correct her at the time she was writing, but instead, drew her attention to the alphabet on the left afterwards, explaining what lines lower-case letters appear on and how big they are.

I suggested that next time, she might look at the alphabet for help on making her lower-case letters fit better. She seemed to be okay with this (I hope).

As I read further in A Thomas Jefferson Education I am again reminded that it isn’t a race to get her to read or write – it is a daily habit I hope to instill. A love of books, joy in writing, and that these things take time.

It’s hard. I know it’s unreasonable to expect that she will be a Nobel laureate by the age of ten, but a mama can hope…can’t she?

I’ll be posting a review of A Thomas Jefferson Education soon…just as soon as I finish reading it! Meanwhile, check it out yourself…


There are also two ‘companion’ books listed…


And if anyone knows where I can find the Home Companion book at price cheaper than a whopping $35, please let me know!

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