Now This Bothered Me

My Google feed sense me weekly updates on homeschool – which usually is a mishmash of the great things homeschoolers are up to.

This article, “I Was Homeschooled, But I Will Not Homeschool My Children” however, was NOT that.

It makes me sad to hear these things. My takeaways from it are that the author’s upbringing was heavily religious, possibly highly racist, and obviously incomplete.

That she would understand it was incomplete and not choose to homeschool felt as if she were saying:

  • She didn’t learn from her parent’s mistakes
  • That public school would not make any mistakes at all in education (despite some of the highest numbers of illiteracy and low math scores of any first world country
  • That she didn’t trust herself to differentiate from dogma and make strides towards rectifying that with her own children

She seemed obviously intelligent, which probably distressed me even more when she brought of Seinfeld references that I couldn’t even relate to. Possibly because I never watched Seinfeld and don’t see how it is such a relevant part of our culture.

I wasn’t homeschooled. I doubt my parents would have had the patience for it. Sometimes I barely have the patience for it. But every time I think of the alternatives, or worry that there might be those ‘educational blind spots’ – I realize that some of those blind spots she mentioned are either easily overcome, or not necessarily accurate.

Homeschooling is not for everyone, I know this, but it seems as if the author believes she was truly damaged by her upbringing (which she well might have been) and has responded reflexively by running in the opposite direction and denouncing homeschooling as a whole.

I can’t help wondering how she will feel in a few years. Will she be happy with her decision? Will she be unhappy, but unwilling to change due to her stance?

What do you think of the article?

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