North Pole, South Pole

With the decision to NOT participate in the inner city literacy program in our area, I am now revisiting what homeschooling opportunities we should be focusing on.

The biggest focus continues to be child-driven, and mainly by questions.

Yesterday for instance was a discussion about the North Poles and South Poles. It went something like this:

Emily: Mama, the north pole is where polar bears and penguins are.

Me: Well, actually the penguins live near the south pole, the polar bears are up in the north.

Emily: Really? So what are the poles made of?

Me: Well, there aren’t really POLES, and I think it is primarily water in the north and an ice sheet over land in the south, but honestly I’m not sure. And there’s actually a magnetic north, which is different from a geographic north.

Emily: Why have two? Why not just one north?

Me: I honestly don’t know. Maybe I can find a documentary or something.

I found out that there is also a magnetic south pole (something I had never heard about before). So that means two north poles, two south poles, and me just confused. 

Anyone know of some good documentaries we could watch on the subject?

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