My Little Navigator

So I wrote in an earlier post ( about missing my TomTom – which I had for only three weeks before it was stolen. 

But I have at least a temporary solution, and it fits rather serendipitously with my efforts to get one erstwhile 7 ½ year old to read FLUENTLY.

So despite being an angry reader at times (, Emily is actually doing quite well. Fabulously well, as a matter of fact. Which is quite gratifying. Each evening she calls out, “Time to read!” and we cuddle up in bed and get to work.

And today, as I was getting ready to find one of the Overland Park pools (we have a pass to six of them, but are still trying to find our way around the area), I turned to her and said, “You are going to be my navigator.”

“Don’t I need to know how to read?” she asked.

“You know how to read at this point. Mainly smaller words, but you know how to puzzle them out. Take a look.” I showed her the printed out directions from Google Maps and began explaining different little details like abbreviations and other tips and tricks.

And today, she directed us to a new pool, learning along the way how to read the directions, recognize street abbreviations and more. She sounded quite proud of herself as we pulled into the parking lot of the pool and happily ran off into the water.

My little navigator did pretty darn well!

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