My Angry Reader

Last week I put my foot down. No more hours of mindless television if you aren’t willing to try reading.

At seven, nearly eight, the kiddo can read, but it is with difficulty. Mainly those small words, and still plenty of twists and turns in our far from readable English language give her fits.

I can’t really blame her, English is a frustrating language to learn, even if it is your native tongue.

And while for the most part, she has really put her best foot forward, trying each night while cuddled up with me in bed, slowly working through the words on the page, occasionally it becomes rather frustrating.

“Why is there a ‘k’ in know?” she asked the other day, “Why not just n-o-w?”

“Well, technically speaking, the ‘w’ isn’t pronounced either, so it really shouldn’t belong there either.” I replied.

“Wait, don’t you spell ‘no’ n-o-w?”

“No, ‘no’ is spelled n-o. N-o-w is also a word, that spells ‘now.’”


“Are you an angry reader right now?”

“Grrrr! Yes! Why is English like this?”

“I have no idea, kiddo. Sometimes it makes no sense at all.”

She is reading, and doing better each day. But man, sometimes she is ANGRY about it!


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