Mommy MD Guide and Hitting the Reset Button

Grrk…yes, that is a word and an emotion, I’m sure of it.

I asked Dave nicely to take the kiddo to her Fancy Nancy event at a local library tonight and hoped to get some work done. Yes, work, as in writing, which I have been avoiding, while allowing my house to become cluttered in every nook and cranny while I’ve played Sugar Crush Saga on my new smart phone.

Not much has gotten done, and I think they will be back before I can finish typing up this post.

Mommy MD Guide

I did, however, manage a lovely hot bath and took another swipe at reading The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great that I was sent to review. The first chapter, Losing Weight, zeroes in immediately on goal setting – but not in terms of specific numbers, not a “I must lose XX number of pounds.” Instead it talks about setting a goal to play tag with the kids until they are tired and want to stop. It also covers an easy guide on determining your individual BMI (note: my score made me rather morose), which also indicates what a more healthy weight would look like (the good news is that I don’t have to weigh what I did when I was seventeen).

It has given me a goal that IS a number, but one that I think is doable. I’d like to lose 30 pounds by the end of 2014. That’s 54 weeks to lose 30 pounds, or just over 1/2 pound a week. That’s doable, don’t you think?

I’ll report back when I read more on the subject, but I definitely like the book. It isn’t a hard line, “do this, do that” kind of tome – more of a “here are some techniques, why don’t you try some on for size?”

Hit the Reset Button

Every few months it all gets to be too much. Too many interests, too many internal guilt trips, not enough hours in the day. I just shut down. I guess it is a tamer version of my mother’s severe depression. I guess I didn’t fall far enough from the tree to escape it.

My interests are too many to list, and grow each day. I give some up, in exchange for others, and find that, no matter what, I simply don’t have enough of ME to go around. I don’t want to stop pursuing my interests, which causes me to overload and just STOP. In my tracks. I go to ground and start playing Candy Crush Saga. No, don’t look it up, and for God’s sake don’t install it or play it. It’s like crack…

In any case, I’ve been trying to hit that big red reset button and get myself on track. I’m trying…I’m…trying.



Friggin’ Reset already!!!!!

(don’t hold your breath)

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