Milestone – Inventive Spelling

As I took a phone call and dealt with my other blog, The Deadly Nightshade, Emily quietly drew on the white board in my office. Later, once I was off of the phone, she turned to me and asked, “Mama, how do you spell ‘blood’?”

I looked over at the white board and saw she had already written a ‘b’ on it. Now despite this word not being a great one for spelling out phonetically, I decided to see what she would do. We went through the sounds and this is what she ended up writing…

Inventive spelling, but nonetheless, I was quite pleased. Blood, B-L-U-D, makes sense phonetically. This led to an explanation of how the English language can be weird at times. I told her she had done a great job spelling it phonetically and then showed her the correct spelling B-L-O-O-D and we discussed how it didn’t sound out correctly.

This is the first word, other than her name, that Emily has attempted. I’m so proud of her!

This will be my next to last post for the next ten days. I am off on Wednesday on a road trip to Arizona and a wedding to attend there. Look for a new post by 9/15. Happy Trails, Everyone!

Homeschool Log for 9/2/11

Foreign Language – Emily counted, well, sort of sang her way from 1-10 in Spanish. She even remembered diez, which had been flummoxing her for a while.

Language Arts – I am quite clear on the idea now, Emily wants to dictate her own learning pace. She steadfastly resists learning to read when I suggest it, but when she is curious, she comes to me and is most enthusiastic. She brought me Tick Tock from the Hooked on Phonics book collection she has and asked me to help her read it. Not read it to her, but help her read it. So we did just that through most of the book. When we arrived at the last page, she told me, “Now you read, Mama.”

She looked quite proud of her accomplishments. And she should, she read at least half of the book with little help from me!

Arts and Crafts – Emily has been occupying herself with plenty of arts and crafts recently. She had steadfastly refused to draw people for so long, and now she draws them daily. I attribute this to her being a bit of a perfectionist. She comes by it honestly, the poor kiddo has two parents who are also cursed with it.

I have been encouraging Emily to draw, reminding her that she will get better and better at it the more she practices. I remind her that no one knows how to do anything, they learn, and the more they practice the better they will be. This does seem to appeal to her and I have seen her taking chances more and more as a result.

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