Meet Larry – The 8-Eyed Alien

Emily brought in this art project from my office, where she has art supplies and a desk. “Mama, this is Larry, the 8-Eyed Alien.”

“Why yes, I can see his eight eyes, and his smile too!”

Pleased that I had noticed his smile she left, announcing she needed to add teeth. I took the picture after the teeth were in place. Dave commented after she had left, “Wow, her counting has just taken off recently.”

Emily has taken off on many different levels, and to say that I am excited about officially starting homeschooling, and that Emily is excited too, is an understatement. Today I ordered about twenty books from the library as I reviewed again the goals for kindergarten…

Our official start date may be August 1st, but I couldn’t resist doing some practice work with Emily on Saturday. I had spread all of the workbooks and learning guides out in front of me, sorting through them to figure out what I needed in each of them, and what I might need to rent from the library or buy.

Basically everything I could possibly need in workbook form is sitting stacked on Emily’s art table which will double as our homeschool desk in my office. And as I finished putting them away Emily came in and asked in the most sweet and hopeful tone, “Mama, are we going to do some learning today?”

What could I say? Of course I said “Yes.” I pulled out the dry-erase upper and lower case letter workbooks and we started with Z. She struggled with it, but I reminded her again, as I had the day before, that the secret to hard things is to keep doing it, because it eventually gets easier and she will get better. She grinned and voluntarily went on to the letter Y.

Her attention faltered on lower-case Y, focusing instead on a simple addition dry-erase board and we worked on that for a few minutes. She struggled to write the numbers, but managed to pull off a decent ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’ before giving up on ‘6’. For another day, I’m sure.

I grinned at her and held up one finger. She smiled back, “Uno.”

I grinned, nodded and held up two fingers.


God how I love this little girl.

I know that there will be difficult days. But right now, right now are the halcyon days every parent dreams of. Ones filled with love and laughter, learning and growing. And all I can think of is how lucky I am – to be a mom, to be mom of two beautiful girls, and to be able to help grow this amazing little one and show her how to link sounds and words, concepts and numbers, and history and life…all together into a irrepressible little bundle.

I couldn’t ask for more.

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2 Responses to Meet Larry – The 8-Eyed Alien

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is my first official year of homeschooling. My Elijah is a bit over 5 and I am just overwhelmed in searching for things to teach him. Where in the world do I start? So far, I’ve cut and pasted almost all of your posts on this so far. I’m going to print them out and go thru them with my hubby. I am so grateful that I have some direction from you in this! Thank you! If you have any ideas, sites, links, print-outs, activities, field trips, etc. that you are applying (or will apply) to these specific “goals,” please post! I will be sharing your site with many of my homeschooling friends! What a great resource you are!!

    • Christine says:

      Why thanks, Nicole, I’m glad you like it! We are so lucky in some ways that there are so many choices for curriculum out there, but it can also be rather overwhelming at times. And the best laid plans of mice and men (which really I should make into a post for Monday) usually creep up and decimate all of my carefully laid plans by interjecting reality into it. Remember, you have gotten him this far, you can take him all the way through high school. We truly are our children’s first and most influential of teachers. Keep reading and sharing!