Making Friends Wherever She Goes

Forgive me, what I’m going to share next, might sound like bragging. I don’t mean it to be, but take it how you will…

Last Friday was a busy day. There was a yoga class on the docket and then two cleanings back to back. After the first cleaning we stopped for a quick fast food meal and then drove to the second cleaning. Next door to my client’s house is a mom who I had met a few months before when she was out holding a garage sale. Emily had seen a little girl and wanted to go meet her.

We had talked for a short while, but she was busy with her garage sale and we had another cleaning to do, so I gave her my card and went on my way.

Well last Friday she happened to be out. The garage door was open and there was a small pile of kids playing in the driveway. The mom gave a big wave when she noticed us drive up. Emily saw them and immediately asked if she could play instead of coming inside with me.

Now I never like to assume that another mom, especially one I hardly know, would be okay with me just dropping off my kiddo with her while I went about my merry way and started to work. Even if it was just next door. But Emily looked so hopeful I couldn’t tell her no. We walked over and said hello and Kristin, whose name I had forgotten, although she had definitely remembered mine, welcomed us and told me that it was perfectly fine if I wanted to let Emily play with Lucy and the other kids while I cleaned my client’s house.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am? I mean, all of my clients are cool with me bringing my kiddo along when I clean. And now here I was, with a mom next door to my client’s house who was more than willing to keep an eye on Emily while I worked. All but one of the pack of children playing were actually from the house next door to her, and they are all homeschooled. At first I thought they were all hers, mainly because both times I had seen her, there they were.

In any case, I decided to give it a try. I figured playing with another child her age was a lot better than having to sit in front of the idiot box and wait for me to get done. Every fifteen minutes or so I would obsessively check on them by glancing out of the formal living room pocket window. They were playing happily. In less than two hours, I was done. I loaded up the van and headed over, thanking her for watching Emily. Kristin just smiled and said, “Truly, it was a pleasure. Emily is so polite and well-behaved.”

The first time we had met she had mentioned she was a big book aficionado (how could I resist?), especially science fiction and fantasy (again, HOW could I resist?!). And on Friday I was lucky enough to get to survey her book collection, which is far more impressive then mine currently is, let me tell you. Kristin offered to watch Emily the next time I was over cleaning, which was fabulous and super-kind. The girls had really hit it off. We visited a while and then I got Kristin’s email addy before I left, so that I could give her a heads up the next time we would be by.

The next day I sent her an email thanking her for watching Emily and inviting her and her daughter Lucy to Emily’s birthday party in October. She wrote back,

“It was wonderful to spend time with you and with Emily.  She was a perfect guest and you are to be commended for her impeccable manners and sweet nature.”

And all I can say is…wow.

I really wish I could take credit for it. And while I do believe some of our ‘training’ has paid off, Emily is a naturally sweet child – full of kindness and empathy towards others.

I’m a lucky mom. And that goes for BOTH my girls!

Emily has been responsible, or at the very least instrumental, in me forging more friendships between me and other women than I have done in years. She is kind of like a good will ambassador!

It’s a win win. I’ve managed to have two spectacular girls – and make friends with other parents in the process!

Homeschool Log for 8/30

Language Arts – We went into the Learn to Read section of Emily spent nearly an hour on this and shows a great deal of aptitude towards placing the missing letters into words and also sounding out the short stories. We have worked with Starfall for a couple of years now, on and off, starting with the basic ABC review. She really loves it.

That was the extent of homeschool on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I spent a good part of the day sleeping – Benadryl does that to me, and it was the only thing that could control the itching from my poison ivy!

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