Look Who is Back! And Look Who is Three!

Back in the States

After a full month in Europe, my beautiful girl is back home and we were both so relieved and happy to have her home.

Em and her grandmother traveled through France, Germany and Belgium. They saw castles, stayed in buildings built in the 15th century, and Em said her favorite city was Budapest.

It was a fantastic opportunity for her and I was so happy she got to go. In a few years, I really hope I can make it there. My plans to step off the plane in Europe on my 50th birthday have been delayed slightly, but I think it is still possible a year or two after that.

Third Birthday and Potty Training!

And just days after my world traveler returned, our newest addition, Little Miss turned three! It’s hard to believe that it has been eight months since she came into our lives. 

And a week before her birthday, after weeks (and months) of talking about potty training and her practicing it at school, we finally made the jump. I reached into the drawer we keep her pull-ups in and realized there were only two left. I placed them on a high shelf and announced, “No more diapers, it’s time for big girl panties!”

I had purchased two seven-packs of Disney princess panties to get her started. This kiddo LOVES Disney princesses! And she was excited to be wearing big girl panties.

I caught her rummaging through the drawer a couple of times with a panicked look on her face, and there have been some accidents since, but she is potty-trained at this point.

I think the diapers had been kind of a convenience, at least for her. She was used to the daycare folks putting her on the potty and her being able to go in it, but at home she would wait until after she eliminated in her diaper to tell us. I guess if you look at it from her point of view it made sense.

I also had her help clean it up when she made a mess and that really accelerated things.

  • Going in your panties/pants is quite uncomfortable compared to diapers
  • Having to help clean it up sucks

Once she realized it was easier to just go on the potty, it was a slam dunk. We haven’t had one single night of a wet bed either. I guess there are benefits to waiting for a child to be past the point of ready.

I’m looking forward to her 3-year check-up and what the doctor has to say about her growth in the past year. She is still very small (she wears mostly 18 month clothes), but her appetite has improved and her speech is much more clear. 

She sees her biomom each week and for now, the goal is reunification not adoption. It isn’t easy, not for her, not for us, and not for her mom. But in the end, we keep on trucking. It will be late February or March before the next court date.

She is a sweet little girl, however, and deserves the best. We try to give her that every day.

Homeschool Returns on Monday

Taking a full month off of homeschool wasn’t as big a deal as it was to take a month off of music classes. Since Em’s return we have upped her practice schedule on the cello to twice per day. Harmony Project, the music program she belongs to, will be having their concerts the first and second weekends in December (they’ve grown so much they have to divide up the performances) .

Since Em returned late last week, and Thanksgiving was this week, it just made sense to wait and resume on Monday most of our studies. I’m looking forward to it. 

We are dropping the Word-of-the-Day studies (she hated them) and will be focusing again on math, both basics and the pre-algebra exercises.

I so enjoy our reading time in the morning as well, and we will be doing that along with a myriad of other activities. Mainly I’m just happy to have my girl back and I’m busy planning some fun activities in the weeks to come. 

Bring on Science City, hikes in nature, and plenty of adventure!

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