Logging Those Hours

In the state of Missouri, there is very little oversight for homeschoolers. IF your child has been registered with the public school system, then you have to send a letter each year informing them that you will be homeschooling your child.

However, if you have never registered your child in the state for public school, then no notice is required.

Weird but true.

The only other codicil I could find was that homeschooling parents must provide 1,000 hours (600 of which must be of core curriculum – Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) of education per school year and, if necessary, show a log of those hours upon request.

So here is a quick, easy way to log those hours and keep basic notes as well as a running tally of your child’s hours for the year. Feel free to save this Excel spreadsheet to your own files and manipulate it how you please.

I’m also including a copy of my own file for this year as an example.

Sample Homeschool Log

Take a look, play around with it, and change it to suit your needs.

We school year round, but usually only four days a week. Despite this, Em does accrue hours on her “days off” depending on what she is learning and doing.

I keep notes on what we do each day. I try to list the names of textbooks or other learning materials.

After filling out the Notes section, I estimate times with each subject. I typically round to the nearest 1/4 hour and often a class she attends can go under more than one category (science and math, art and living skills) depending on what is happening in that particular class.

And speaking of “logging hours” here is a great write-up on the question of LITERAL hours of instruction. If that 1,000 hours of instruction has you running scared, read it and worry less. It really isn’t as bad as it might sound at first!


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